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What is Forgotten Future?

Forgotten Future is an upcoming open source video game built in Javascript and WebGL. In Forgotten Future, a city-rail driver named Lem is conscripted into an assault mission to the Earth's Moon in an attempt to recapture it from an unknown alien invasion force. When the mission suffers unexpected setbacks, Lem finds himself in the center of a cataclysmic event that would threaten to change the course of human history forever.

What does open-source mean?

Open source means free to play and anyone can contribute.

What kind of game is it?

A parallax scrolling video game, which means fast-paced side-scrolling action. In Forgotten Future you will be able to:

What is it about?

Forgotten Future is a story about the distant future of a post-cataclysmic planet Earth. As the protagonist Lem, the player explores a desolate landscape in search of clues that unlock the past. Read more on the story page.

How can I play it?

Ideally Forgotten Future can be played on any modern web browser by connecting a game pad. Alternately, a keyboard and mouse may be used instead. Console releases will also be made available. Check the development timeline for more information and release dates.

What are the System Requirements?

Forgotten Future will run on any modern browser that supports WebGL. A dedicated graphics card is recommended to take advantage of shader performance.

What is the development process for Forgotten Future?

  1. Javscript WebGL Engine

    Forgotten Future is being developed in Javascript using WebGL and will work in any modern browser or mobile device.

    1. Shaders

      Written in GLSL, the FF engine uses vertex/fragment shaders for optimal rendering performance. Shaders include rendering classes such as Sprites, HeightMaps, and TileMaps, For an updated list of shaders used by FF check out the source code.

    2. Engine

      Coming soon...

  2. Contiguous Episode Releases

    Forgotten Future will be released in a series of contiguous episodes. This means the game will be playable during the early stages of development. With each episode, the user will be taken to a new point in the storyline from where they left off. Users will also be able to re-explore revised and expanded sections of the existing game. The final version of the game will be playable from the beginning to the end without episode breaks.

  3. Future Ports

    Upon completion of the WebGL Engine Forgotten Future will be ported to compilable C/OpenGL and released on all available consoles and deployment platforms such as Steam.

Who is currently working on the project?

Current developers actively working on the project

Sprite Sheet & Concept Artists

Who is allowed to help?

Everyone. Check out the developer README for instructions on getting started.

How does one contribute material to the Forgotten Future Project?

Coming soon...

How are contributed funds spent?

Coming soon...

I have a question

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