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Project Introduction

Welcome to the Forgotten Future Project Page. You'll find information on the upcoming open source parallax scrolling action/adventure game Forgotten Future. Feel free to listen to the Forgotten Future Title Theme and check out some of the concept art. Don't forget to read up on the coming cataclysm...

What's the Story?

In Forgotten Future, a city-rail driver named Lem is conscripted into an assault mission to the Earth's Moon in an attempt to recapture it from an unknown alien invasion force. When the mission suffers unexpected setbacks, Lem finds himself in the center of a cataclysmic event that would threaten to change the course of human history forever.

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Development Status

Each section describes the current completeness of the targeted feature. Click each section to view the source code behind each feature. If it's something you think you can help with please do! Subscribe below to receive updates on the Forgotten Future development process.

Development Status
Target Complete
Informational Website 85
WebGL Shaders 20
Sprite Sheets 5
Physics & Terrain 10